Boston Globe seeking 2015 summer interns

The Boston Globe 2015 summer internship program is seeking college students interested in journalism who want to gain practical experience on a major newspaper.

The program will give 11 interns the opportunity to work as reporters, or as a photographer, designer or copy editor.

The 12-week paid internship places reporter-interns in the Metro, Business, Living/Arts, Health/Science and Sports departments. The photo intern shoots stills and video for all sections. The design intern creates sections fronts and information graphics for print and online. The copy editing intern works on local and regional, national and foreign and business copy.

Summer interns work as full-time employees for 12 weeks, between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Interns are paid a weekly wage and shifts vary. An intern supervisor serves as a writing coach and there are weekly meetings with editors and staff members on a range of issues and topics pertaining to journalism. Globe interns produce every day and finely polish their journalism skills over the summer.

Internships are NOT limited to students with undergraduate journalism majors. All students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program or who will be graduating in May or June may apply, as well as journalism graduate school students who have NOT had professional journalism experience.

An aptitude for newspaper work is the most important qualification for the internship. A previous internship at a daily newspaper is recommended. Applicants must have a driver’s license and should be comfortable driving.

The application deadline is Nov. 1. More information on the program and an application can be accessed from our website: