Supporting Your Imprisoned Colleagues: World Press Freedom Day

Dear colleagues,

Tomorrow is World Press Freedom Day. Yet, thousands of our colleagues put their lives and families at risk to accomplish their jobs, from Mexico to China, passing through Egypt. In Uzbekistan, the authorities had no compunction about torturing Muhammad Bekzhanov (imprisoned for 15 years) to extract a confession. In Eritrea, Dawit Isaac has languished in the dictator Issayas Afeworki’s jails for the past 13 years. Mazen Darwish, founder of the Syrian Centre for Media has been held for more than two years by the Assad regime.

Freedom of information is not only the foundation of democracy, it is a condition to the exercise of all freedoms. Yet almost half the world’s population is still denied it. Ever more professional journalists in many corners of the world are prosecuted for doing their job. War reporting has become prohibitively dangerous. News websites are blocked by governments that don’t want their people to access certain information.

This is why the work of Reporters Without Borders ( has never been more important. RWB is one of the world’s leading NGOs dedicated to the monitoring, defense and promotion of freedom of information in all corners of the world. With a consultative status in the United Nations and correspondents in 130 countries, Reporters Without Borders denounces breaches of information freedom, acts to oppose any form of censorship, and gives material support to journalists needing urgent help wherever they are.

To keep fighting for press freedom, Reporters Without Borders needs your urgent help. In an important gesture of solidarity with colleagues who are working under extremely difficult and often dangerous circumstances, stand up for them. Please go to and become a member of RWB by making a donation today.

It’s World Press Freedom day tomorrow, support the work of our colleagues who may be less fortunate than us.

Thanks in advance!

Christophe Deloire
Secretary General – Reporters Without Borders

Jeremy Thompson
CEO – Gorkana Group