October meeting minutes

SPJ Houston Pro Chapter

Oct. 29, 2012

The meeting came to order at 6:15 p.m. All officers and board members were present.

Board Business:

1) Review of tax-exempt status including required next steps

• Treasurer Susanne Pagano has filed paperwork with the IRS, waiting to hear back.

• Susanne Pagano to look into state sales tax exemption via the state comptroller’s office

2) Review of officer roles

• Agenda to be posted online before each meeting

• Minutes to be posted online following officer approval

• Eileen O’Grady (board member) to regularly check PO Box

3) Review of financial policies and procedures

• New treasurer to work with former treasurer to transfer account information over

• Three signatories (president, vice president and treasurer) to be named to the account with two required per check

• Treasurer to give monthly financial report

• Board set a regular meeting time of 6 p.m. the first Wednesday of the month at the central library in downtown. The monthly scheduled meetings will start Dec. 5.

• Media Guide

•Discussion on working with Greater Houston Partnership on printing or printing ourselves. Susanne Pagano to get an estimate for printing costs.

• Would like to get the guide in time for Law and the Media event in early February

• Possibly sell ads inside the guide to help cover printing costs

General Membership Business:

1) Upcoming programs: Law and the Media

• Terry Williams (board member) attended planning session and gave a report

• Topics will be in the criminal area: human trafficking and DNA forensic science

• Organizers want input on possible speakers. Members asked to contribute possibilities to submit to organizers before the next (and final) planning meeting.

• Next planning meeting is scheduled for Nov. 29

• Law and the Media event is scheduled for 9 a.m. to noon Feb. 2

2) Proposal to establish committee chairs

• To avoid “burn out” President Ruth Nasrullah proposed setting up committees to delegate responsibilities with committee chairs overseeing/appointing volunteers for individual events

• Membership Committee: Terry Williams volunteered to chair

• Programming: Jim Magill (vice president) volunteered to chair

• Discussion of “Best of” contest for area journalists or high school students

• Jim Magill proposed blogger “Texas Sharron,” as a speaker for an upcoming event.

• Fundraising: Could fall under programming.

• Communications: Kassia Micek (secretary) volunteered to chair

• Discussion on possibility of online sales for Media Guide

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.